Robb Pair and Harlem Lofts, Inc. have been featured in the news many times over the past decade. 


Harlem BeSpoke 10/19/19




Harlem BeSpoke 11/02/18



Harlem World Magazine 04/04/18

Harlem's Robert Pair Brings The World Of Harlem To Addis Ababa, Ethiopia




Harlem World Magazine 09/20/17

Harlem Lofts Sets Townhouse Record Sale Of $4.1 Mil.




iReach by PRNewswire 11/08/16

Harlem Lofts, Inc. Closes Occupied SRO & Legal 4-Family Townhouse, Both at Record Sales Prices; Robb Pair Elevates to #1 Spot in Volume Sales in Harlem.


2015 4/24/2015
Robb Pair, President Harlem Lofts, Inc. on cost -vs- reward of amenities and perks in NYC buildings. Are you using what you're paying for?



Channel 11 News interviews Robb as President of MANAR about the prevalence of rental scams.

The Real Deal Magazine 9/27/2014
Robb Pair, 2013 & 2014 MANAR president on Harlem's sustained growth

Financial Times 9/26/2014
Harlem Lofts, Inc. President Robb Pair on the boom & "renaissance" in Harlem real estate



Robb is featured in "Million Dollar Listing" on Bravo. When no one else can satisfy a client with very specific needs, Luis turns to Robb.

After they find the perfect property, Robb must haggle on behalf of the seller to get the best price.

Relevant Public Relations 12/20/2013
Manhattan Association of REALTORS® President Robb Pair secures new vendor for the Manhattan MLS

The Real Deal Magazine 12/19/2013
Manhattan's Association of REALTORS® President Robb Pair: "Having the right technology partner benefits all NYC REALTORS®."

Harlem Condo Life 12/6/2013
Harlem Lofts, Inc. and Harlem Property Re+Development Light up Harlem for the holidays

The Wall Street Journal 10/17/2013
Harlem Lofts, Inc. exclusive sale included in Strivers' Row tour

The Real Deal Magazine 11/01/2013
Manhattan Association of REALTORS® President Robb Pair diescusses 2014 NYC-DOS title rules for Agents/Brokers

The Real Deal Magazine 5/31/2013
Harlem Lofts, Inc.'s President Robb Pair interviewd as to hos opinion about Sackman's plans for demolition on UWS

Real Estate Weekly 4/17/2013
Manhattan Association of REALTORS® President Robb Pair on how he fell in love with Harlem and built his life and his brokerage here

Harlem Condo Life 4/06/2013
Harlem Lofts, Inc.'s President Robb Pair on the Real Estate Board of New York's first ever Upper Manhattan Open House Expo

Real Estate Weekly 2/21/2013
Celebrating the installation of Robb Pair as President of the Manhattan Association of REALTORS®



Chef Roble turns to Robb to find the perfect event space

Crain's New York 7/22/2012
Manhattan Association of REALTORS® appoints Robb Pair to be their next president

The Real Deal 9/01/2012
Robb Pair, President of Harlem Lofts, Inc., acquires competitor for new sister company, Harlem Property Re+Development, Inc.

The Real Deal 8/02/2012
Harlem Lofts, Inc/ President, Robb Pair Gives insight the rise in retail rent in Harlem



Obama comes to Harlem! Harlem Lofts, Inc. President Robb Pair is interviewed!

The Wall Street Journal 7/15/2011
Harlem Lofts, Inc. President, Robb Pair comments on the resurgence of Harlem condo sales



Harlem World Magazine 10/04/2010

President of Manhattan MLS and President of Harlem Lofts, Robb Pair is interviewed about real estate, his family, and his love of Harlem




New York Times

The New York Times comments on "The Apprentice" runner-up enlisting Robb Pair for real estate advice.



The New York Times asks Robb about what happens when a conract doesn't end in a deal