Court Appointed

Harlem Lofts Inc. – Auctions and Foreclosures

New York State Part 36-Approved Court-Appointed Brokerage

In addition to handling standard townhouse, condominium and cooperative residential sales and rentals, Robert Pair and Harlem Lofts Inc. and Harlem Property Management Inc. are also a New York State Part 36-Approved Court-Appointed Brokerage.  As such, we are fully licensed and equipped to obtain the maximum return for financially distressed properties for our clients.  Our experience and understanding of bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings allow us to facilitate the resolution of financially complex situations to the satisfaction of all parties.  Each bankruptcy or foreclosure is unique, thus each requires a highly tailored sales strategy which we are optimally equipped to deliver.

Auction Sales

As a New York State Part 36-Approved Court-Appointed Brokerage, Harlem Lofts Inc. is also licensed, bonded and insured to act as the auctioneer of distressed real property.  This capability allows us to offer our clients the ability to liquidate their property assets in a timely and cost effective manner, to generate a maximum net return.


Real Estate Property Maintenance and Management

While Harlem Lofts Inc. brings to the table unique expertise in the sale of financially distressed properties in bankruptcy and foreclosure situations, Harlem Property Management Inc. is highly skilled in the management and maintenance of these properties pending their sale.  Well maintained and managed real property shows optimally and is most attractive to potential purchasers.  Our management and maintenance strategies are designed to maximize the return for our clients upon sale.