“Robb and I have invested in Harlem for eight years now. Its a tough market and we’ve grown up together in it. We’ve worked on deals together, we’ve completed deals, and we’ve sworn the other guy was crazy for some of the deals he was considering. Robb is persistent, knowledgeable, honest, successful in everything he does, and most importantly, a good friend.”

Mathew Haines
Owner – Property Shark
Cluj Romania – New York NY

Mathew Haines

“Robb has been an excellent resource for real estate investment strategy. He has assisted me with acquisition, renovation, property management, and selling of real estate in several properties. He understands strategy and can dig deep into the details when needed.”

Nick Bawa
President & CEO
DAI Technologies
Richmond, VA

Nick Bawa

“I have worked with Robb Pair/Harlem Lofts, Inc for over 8 years. He has been responsible for purchasing, developing, managing and selling multiple properties for me in Harlem, NY. I fully recommend Robb. Please contact me directly if you need a referral. Robb does excellent work!”

Steve Schueler
Proctor and Gamble
Moscow, Russia

Steve Schueler

“I’ve worked with Robb buying, selling and developing properties. His vast knowledge and can do attitude are a must for any successful real estate endeavor. Simply, he gets the job done and done right! There is no one I would rather have on my team. I, therefore, highly recommend Robb for any and all of your real estate needs.”

Ted Wallof
Realtor, Realtors

Ted Wallof

“I have known Robb for over 15 years. On all of the projects we worked on together I have found him to be honest and absolutely committed to the project’s success. I look forward to working with Robb again in the future.”

Matt Zemon, President,
Element Customer Care
Raliegh, NC

Matt Zemon

“I have known Robb for several years and he has been great as both a business partner, and a service provider. Robb is very enthusiastic and has a can-do attitude. When something has to get done, Robb is the person who will proactively take the lead and get it done right. I enjoy working with Robb.”

Chris Newman, VP Institutional Sales,
T. Rowe Price,
Baltimore, MD


Chris Newman

“I have known Robb personally for 20 years and consider him the top professional in his field. His hard work, attention to detail, and relentless efforts enable him to successfully complete projects. I have worked with Robb on several projects in New York and plan to work with him on other projects in the future.”

Dan Mueller, Senior Director, US Hospital Sales,
Pall Corp,
Seattle, WA


Dan Mueller

“I’ve known Robb for almost three years, during which time I’ve been involved in a fairly complex real estate project. Rob has taken the lead on this project and has done a stellar job at managing it throughout challenging economic times. He has remained focused on the objectives and has adapted and responded proactively to the changes in the market over the past 12 months or so. In addition, he has excelled in managing and liaising with professional advisors, financial institutions and relevant Government agencies, resulting in enhanced yields and efficiencies to the project at hand. I would not hesitate in recommending Robb to any person or organisation that is considering partnering with him or utilizing his services.”

Niall Morrissey, Executive Director,
Macquarie Bank,
Tokyo, Japan


Niall Morrissey